Two more reasons to see Stockwave:

Nexi and Stockwave Offers

The first digital assistant for dealerships, Nexi learns your work patterns and answers all your inventory questions.

Stockwave Offers proactively notifies you when it finds inventory that fits your dealership’s sourcing strategy. Instead of searching for profits, let the profits find you.

How it Works

Profit-focused Vehicle Insights

With Stockwave, you can focus on profit first when you buy at auction. In a single view, you’ll see a complete financial overview of every vehicle in your stream, so you can get the money right every time you buy.

  • Profit Calculation

    Stockwave totals your reconditioning, transportation and other costs, calculating that number against your recommended retail price and your profit expectations, to show you exactly how much you’ll make on a car — down to the dollar.

  • Max Bid

    Stockwave puts your profit potential in your own hands. Every time you buy, you get an exact calculation of what you should pay in order to make your front-end gross.

Market-based Vehicle Recommendations

With vAuto’s patented Live Market View, Stockwave delivers specific wholesale buying recommendations based on your inventory compared to the market, showing you where you’re over- and under-stocked and factoring in your sales velocity and target days supply.

  • Personalized Vehicle Stream

    Stockwave learns from your buying preferences and your market, and only displays the wholesale vehicles you want and can profit on.

  • Stockwave Offers

    Look for Stockwave Offers — perfectly matched inventory in a real-time offer you can act on or pass on with a tap. Learn more >

All Auctions in a Single View

Stockwave searches hundreds of thousands of vehicles at auctions across the country — online and physical — filtering for cars that will work for your dealership. The ones that meet your buying preferences and profit goals appear in a single personalized stream, so decision-making is easier.

  • All Major Auctions

    Stockwave doesn’t give preferential treatment to any auction brand; it shows the most profitable cars for you, no matter who the seller is.

  • Ease and Efficiency

    With the grunt work done, you only have to consult your stream. You’ll never waste time checking thousands of vehicles at multiple auction sites again, or risk buying a vehicle that won’t turn a profit.

Online Auto Auction Support

Take the power of Stockwave to any online auction. Get direct desktop access to your Stockwave research and valuation data for smart, fast decision support as cars run through the lanes.

  • Attend Multiple Auctions at Once

    Use your Stockwave data in multiple online auctions at the same time. Stockwave works with Simulcast, ADESA® LiveBlock®, SmartAuction® and more.

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Mobile-ready and user-friendly

Stockwave’s mobile-ready, user-friendly design puts all the auction information you need right at your fingertips — at home, in the lanes or on the go.

Personalized support from industry experts

As a Stockwave customer, you’ll be paired with a Performance Consultant, who brings years of automotive expertise to help you hone your strategy and get the best results from your software.

Hear how Stockwave helped this dealer increase his front-end gross profit by 40%.

  • “Our profitability has gone through the roof. I can’t imagine going back to the old way.”
    Simon Fields, General Sales Manager, Lexus of Louisville, Kentucky
  • “Stockwave has helped us generate more gross and make better decisions.”
    Trent Waybright, Director of Pre-owned Operations, Kelley Automotive Group, Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • “All we care about is finding the right cars at the right price to make our profit. When you can do that consistently and efficiently, you will win. Stockwave helps us win.”
    TJ Riley, Owner, Net Direct Auto Sales, Fort Worth, Texas
  • “Before Stockwave, I was spending three to four hours per auction doing my prep work. Now, I’m spending an hour or less.”
    Stephen Mullis, GM, M&K Auto Sales, Hazlehurst, Georgia

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